Car ads came to a sticky end

Leaflet residue
Leaflet residue

Motorists were left fizzing by flyers from Kirkintilloch’s MOT Station which “glued” themselves to windscreens after a rain shower.

High Street business MOT Station had aimed to capture drivers’ attention with an eyecatching message about its services – but the firm hadn’t bargained for mis-placed flyers.

It was soon contacted by drivers furious at having to scrape off the paper adverts that had became welded to their windscreens when rain turned the paper to a gritty paste.

Motorists weren’t slow in using the number supplied on the advert to phone in their complaints.

Reader Mike Kenyon said: “It seemed the companies responsible (MOT Station and Company Cars) hadn’t reckoned on the rain glueing the flyers down to our cars.”

He added: “To add insult to injury, they’d also put two of the damn things through the letter box”. But the firm has offered a full apology for the gaffe, which it says happened by mistake, and has offered to fully clean the windscreen of anyone whose car was affected.

The company says it’s glad disgruntled vehicle owners got in touch right away, as it meant they could address the problem before it became more widespread.

It says the ill-fated scheme was a standard promotion, of the sort used without problem by many companies, which however shouldn’t have included putting paper behind windscreen wipers.

The flyers had only ever been intended to be put through letterboxes.

In some cases flyers placed behind windscreen wipers cause litter nuisance when they blow away in high winds – but in this case it was their effective fixative qualities that caused the problem.

Office manager Morven Edwards said: “The people distributing the flyers were only supposed to put them through letter-boxes – and we knew there was a problem after the first estate where they were doing it.”

The company fully admits they got it wrong, she said, and is offering a full and frank apology to anyone whose windscreen was affected .

She added: “If any damage has been done we’ll put it right.”