Car site branded an ‘eyesore’

Graham Hamilton of Lenzie Community Council at "eyesore" Arnold Clark car display centre
Graham Hamilton of Lenzie Community Council at "eyesore" Arnold Clark car display centre

Angry residents say they are being driven round the bend by the inconsiderate actions of a car dealership in their area.

They say they are being forced to walk out on to a busy road because the Arnold Clark dealership in Lenzie has been parking its cars on the footpath.

Lenzie Community Council has also been complaining about the condition of the site and display area, which they say is ‘an eyesore’.

The used car lot is on the site of a former petrol station at the junction of Lindsaybeg Road and Auchinloch Road.

Tom Gray, secretary of the community council, said: “Arnold Clark bought over the site more than a year ago.

“The community council gets constant complaints that it is an eyesore.

“The dealer should at the very least paint it and make it look tidy. It’s a mess.”

He added that the community council had been continuously complaining to East Dunbartonshire Council’s planning department about the issue.

This includes closing up two accesses to the former filling station and the footpath reformed.

There have also been concerns over the condition of the canopy advertising the car lot at the site and problems with the pavement at the site.

Concerned resident Graham Hamilton added: “People are forced to walk out on the road because of the number of the used cars parked on the pavement by the dealer.

“Something needs to be done about this.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The condition of the showroom’s canopy has been reviewed by officers and discussions have been ongoing with Arnold Clark.

“ It is not considered to be dangerous and Arnold Clark has told us it’s on their maintenance plan.

“Cars being parked in an unsafe manner or causing an obstruction is a matter for the police.”

A spokesperson for Arnold Clark said she would look into the complaints of residents.

She added: “With regard to the canopy, it is being rebranded and improved.

“As for cars parked on the pavement, that is not acceptable and I will look into this.”