Castlehill pupils star in University event

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Pupils from Bearsden’s Castlehill Primary took centre stage at an event held at Strathclyde University for undergraduate teaching students.

During the week the University students heard from a variety of people about how important ‘pupil voice’ is in terms of engagement and encouraging positive action.

The students are learning about how young children can be given a voice in their own education and life of the school and exploring how children can be given the opportunity to express their views on how they learn and are taught.

The Castlehill youngsters gave a presentation on ‘pupil voice’ to a packed auditorium about how their ‘school groups approach’ – meaning every pupil has a say in some aspect of how their school works, and some responsibility for it too.

Head Teacher Suzanne Kenney said: “Our approach in Castlehill has developed over a number of years.

“It involves all of the children from P1 to P7 choosing a school group of interest to them.

“The groups set their own agenda and share their work with pupils and families.

“The information and opinions which we uncover through this approach can be surprising at times.”

She added: “It is successful because children and staff are working closely together and we also benefit from the input of parents who attend the monthly meetings.

“The approach has the added benefit of contributing to our wider Rights Respecting work.”

East Dunbartonshire’s chief education officer Jacqui MacDonald said: “It was a huge honour to be invited to speak at this event and the young people of Castlehill Primary did themselves proud.

“It is well understood that giving pupils a voice, a say in their education, is an important way to ensure they get the most out of their time at school.

“Castlehill is contributing to a much bigger picture by sharing what works for them with these teachers of the future.”