Celebrating the Bard’s tale of Tam O’Shanter

Enjoy a cream tea, then make your way into the theatre at Mugdock Country Park for a humorous romp through the imagination of Rabbie Burns on January 24 and 25 from 2pm-4pm.

The audience will get to meet characters like Tam O’ Shanter, Holy Wullie and more than a few lassies.

The lively hour long performance with poems and songs costs £13.50 and contains some mild adult humour.

A children’s version of the traditional tale will also be staged on the same days from 11am-12noon.

The witches are desperate to get their hands on Meg’s tail but the bairns are determined to return it to Meg. Join them as together they embark on an exciting journey, facing dangers and obstacles that threaten to ruin the bairns’ plans. Tickets are £5/£7.

To book call 0141 956 6100, email office@mugdock.org or at www.mugdock-country-park.com