Chemo campaign talks with MSP

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THE fight to have chemotherapy treatment delivered at Stobhill Hospital has been raised with MSP Fiona McLeod.

Local resident Tom Herbert said Ms McLeod - who was elected as an SNP MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden in May’s

Scottish Parliament elections - was supportive of the progress of the campaign and will be looking into the

chemotherapy issue further.

Mr Herbert, Dr Robert Cumming, who is a former haematology consultant at Stobhill, and Margaret Watt, chairperson of

Scotland Patients Association, have held a series of meetings with health chiefs calling for a chemotherapy service

to be provided at Stobhill.

Currently patients from the area have to travel to the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Care Centre, for treatment.

Mr Herbert said: “Ms McLeod was very sympathetic and supportive to the cause and indicated she would carry out

research into the background of previous decision making, for example why the new Victoria Infirmary has

chemotherapy, yet the new Stobhill is denied such a service.”