Chloe takes on a hair-raising challenge for charity

Chloe prepares for the chop.
Chloe prepares for the chop.

An amazing primary school pupil has sacrificed her hair in order to provide a young cancer sufferer with a chemotherapy wig.

Chloe McGeough (7), who attends St Roch’s Childcare Service at Royston Primary, told a staff member that she wanted to cut her ponytail off in aid of The Little Princess Trust’.

The charity is dedicated to providing real hair wigs to children who are going through lifesaving cancer treatment.

The wigs help the kids feel more normal and reduces the upset they often feel at losing their own hair.

Pop star Jessie J also donated her hair to the charity earlier this year - increasing the profile of the cause.

But not only did Chloe donate her hair - she also encouraged teachers, friends and families to sponsor her emergency trim.

She has now raised over £800 for the charity after hairdresser Alison Howard, from Options Hair Studio in Royston, popped around to the school with her scissors and comb.

Janette McCormick, one of the directors of St Roch’s Childcare Services, said: “She just approached us out of the blue.

“We asked if she was sure that she wanted to do it but she was really insistent.

“It’s really brave for somebody so young to do something like this and we’re all so proud of her.

“It must be a terrible thing to go through for a child to lose their hair so it’s a great charity to support.”

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