Christmas shopping getting you down? Pop into Milngavie or Bearsden to cheer yourself up!

Wendy and Graeme Ross in Ruby Red gift shop Milngavie
Wendy and Graeme Ross in Ruby Red gift shop Milngavie

It seems that some traders will do anything to make their customers happy in the run up to Christmas!

Ruby Red business partner, Graeme Ross, who runs the gift shop on Main Street in Milngavie with his wife Wendy, is taking that commitment one step further this year.

He’s been wearing a tinsel Christmas tree hat to bring a smile to his customer’s faces while they are out doing their Christmas shopping in the village.

Graeme, who helps out in the shop during the busy festive season, said: “Friends of mine sent me this hat from Spain - apparently they are very popular out there.

“I think I’ve been giving people a good laugh and that’s always a bonus.”

The husband and wife team also run Driftwood ladies boutique next door.

Wendy said: “I’m finding a lot of people are using the village this year.

“There’s been a real buzz here.

“They are coming for a coffee or lunch and then doing some shopping.

“Lots of people still like the personal touch that shops like ours can offer.

“People appreciate a bit of chat and hopefully they leave with the feel good factor.

“Ordering online has problems because you can’t see, touch or feel the item and end up sending it back if it’s not suitable.

“Also many people don’ want to go into Glasgow city centre, and struggle to find a parking space and then pay a lot for it.

“And many shops in Glasgow sell the same kind of thing - there’s no opportunity to get something unique.”

One of Driftwood’s best selling items is their Emu sheepskin boots which are fur lined and waterproof.

Wendy added: “I have a pair and I absolutely love them - I can walk through puddles in them and they are so warm!”