Christmas wasn’t white in East Dunbartonshire this year - it was green

Lots of Christmas trees were recycled this year
Lots of Christmas trees were recycled this year

East Dunbartonshire had its greenest Christmas ever in 2013, with more people than ever before recycling trees, food, cards and wrapping paper.

A massive 21 tonnes of real Christmas trees were recycled, which will be turned into compost.

They were from kerbside collections as well as being delivered to tree collection points.

The council responded to 590 requests for garden collections and Christmas tree requests over the festive period, leading to a 15 per cent increase in tree recycling on 2012.

A belly-busting 151 tonnes of food, including turkeys, mince pies and Brussels sprouts, also avoided the landfill sites in the first year of food recycling in East Dunbartonshire.

During the festive period, 15 per cent more food waste was collected than in an average week since the scheme launched.

Residents in East Dunbartonshire also heeded the message to send their cards and wrapping off for recycling, with a 21 per cent increase in dry recycling on the previous year.

Councillor Ashay Ghai, convener of the council’s neighbourhood services, said: “We may not have had a white Christmas in East Dunbartonshire but our residents made sure it was a green one.

“These figures make for a great Christmas story and prove that, as well as having lots of fun over the festive period, people were also paying more than a passing thought to the environment.”

He added: “East Dunbartonshire has some of the highest recycling rates in the country.”