Church wants bidders with room for a pew

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Have you got room for a pew? If so, the Reverend Les Ireland at St Cyprian’s Church in Lenzie would be delighted to hear from you.

The minister has put two antique church bench seats up for sale – to the highest 

Both pews are 140-years- old, dating back to when St Cyprian’s was built
in 1873.

The benches each seat up to six members of the 
congregation and the church is looking for buyers for both of them.

The money raised from their sale will go towards church funds.

Mr Ireland told the Herald: “We simply had too many. They were crammed into the church and we decided we just had to get rid of two of them.

“One was at the back of the church and the other one was in storage.

“They are both antiques and in very good condition. They date back to when the church was built.”

The minister posted the pews for sale on the church Facebook page.

He wrote: “Our church has a couple of pews it wants rid of – for the best bid. If you are interested, please give us a ring on 0141 776 3866 and we’ll 
arrange for you to view (if you want) or make an offer.

“Please note - the buyer is responsible for moving it.”

Mr Ireland had to get 
permission from the church’s planning committee to put the two pews up for sale.

St Cyprian’s Church is an Episcopal Church in Beech road, Lenzie.

It was built in 1873 by Alexander Ross of Inverness and cost around £2,600.

The church has been a 
category B listed building since 1984.

There are over 350 Scottish Episcopal Churches across the country.

Four years ago, the church started up pet blessing services for animal lovers.

The most recent one was in November. Some 25 Lenzie pet 
owners turned up with their animals – from dogs to stick insects!

The minister blesses the animals and says a prayer for both pet and owner.