Clean getaway from the cops

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A civilian worker escaped from police custody and made a clean getaway after more than 14 years working at Kirkintilloch Police Station.

Maggie Campbell (76) stepped down earlier this month from her role as cleaner at the police station, where everyone knew her as ‘‘wee Maggie’’.

Chief Inspector Craig Smith said: ‘‘ On behalf of the police officers and members of staff here at Kirkintilloch who have worked with and alongside Maggie over the past 14 and a half years I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maggie for all her hard work and dedication.

‘‘She has striven to keep our police office clean and tidy.

‘‘She will be greatly missed by all her friends and colleagues and we will miss her friendly smiling face.

‘‘We wish her all the very best for a long and happy retirement.’’

Maggie, who worked at an East Dunbartonshire Council care home in Industry Street up until her move to the police station, says she will miss her role very much.

‘‘I will miss their company, I will miss the laughs and the enjoyment, I absolutely loved it.

‘‘I am a cheery wee wummin and you don’t have to coax me to talk, and they were all just lovely and the years just rolled by.’’

Maggie says she’d not have opted for retirement if her role wasn’t changing to see her having to cover multiple venues and duties at other council premises.

Despite being a very fit and active 76, she opted to retire from her 20-hours-a-week role at the station she says has ‘‘been my life’’.

Instead she plans to keep herself very busy with friends and family.

‘‘I retired on Thursday and I haven’t been in since! My calendar is absolutely full.’’

As well as spending time with daughters Janie and Laura, Maggie will be filling her days with socialising.

‘‘I am blessed with lovely pals, Lavinia, Deirdre and
Yvonne and it’s been a whirlwind with them since I left.’’

Maggie, who lives near Woodhead Park in Kirkintilloch, was given money and flowers by her colleagues, and enjoyed a small tea party in her honour on her last day at the station at Southbank Marina, Kirkintilloch.