Clean up your act, angry mum tells firm

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A FURIOUS family have called for action after being told they will not be fully reimbursed for clothes that were destroyed during at fire at a Kirkintilloch business.

Mary McCaig took clothes to be ironed at Superdry, in Milton Road.

But following a fire at the premises on December 19, most of her clothes were ruined.

She claims the company told her they are not insured and have only offered her £150 compensation.

The Milton of Campsie resident said: “The money is no where near the amount the clothes were worth. They could have been over £500. There were jeans, shirts and blouses.

“They told us they don’t have insurance. They said they were sorry, but there was nothing they could do and that these things happen in life. I was stunned.

“I thought it would be against the law to have no insurance.”

When the Herald asked Shiraz Ahmed, manager of Superdry, if they had insurance, he said: “I assume we do, but I can’t say. There’s about to be a change in ownership. I know there has been a dispute and I sympathise with the situation, but there is nothing we can do.”

Kenny Simpson, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of community services, said: “If a consumer pays for a service such as dry cleaning, he or she has entered into a contract with that company and is entitled to receive their goods back or receive damages. While we cannot comment on this particular situation with regard to insurance, should any consumer wish to contact us on 0141 578 8813 we would be happy to provide them with Trading Standards advice.”