Close encounter of the Campsie kind?

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RESIDENTS who fear they may have been ‘first-footed’ by aliens have been offered a more down-to-earth explanation.

There were reports of strange orange and white lights above Bishopbriggs on New Year’s Day.

One witness reported: “Whilst walking the dog, my husband and I saw a large orange/white light coming from the north-west direction moving relatively fast.

“It then headed south and stopped for a minute or two before appearing to go straight up and out of sight. It made no sound at all.

“A few minutes later another appeared from the same direction, followed closely by another.

“They followed the same path as the first object – again stopping then going straight up.

“A fourth came several minutes later. Once again following the same path, but lower. It appeared to be oval-shaped with a tail, with lights outlining the shape.

“There also appeared to be a large round white light shining above it. There was no sound from any of the objects.”

The lights were spotted above Bishopbriggs at around 9.30pm on January 1.

However, Donald Macdonald, chairman of Woodhill Residents’ Group, said: “I think these may be some of the many ‘Chinese lanterns’ that have been taking off from Bishopbriggs since Hogmanay – I set off three myself.”

Canadian UFO investigator Brian Vike posted details of the Bishopbriggs ‘sightings’ on his website –

He told the Herald: “I wouldn’t say every red/orange light sighting is a lantern, but what I have investigated and learned over the years is that most of the sightings of this type are the now very popular lantern.

“I am honestly looking for answers for what people are seeing and I do personally believe there is life out there, but most of the orange/red lights are something closer to home and from our planet.”

The Scottish Society for Psychical Research says that it has investigated sightings of glowing orange objects in the district.

Coloured lights have been spotted repeatedly over the Campsie Hills.

Daphne Plowman, editor of the society’s magazine, The Psi Report, lives in Bishopbriggs and has also seen the orange objects.

She said: “We are positive these are Chinese lanterns and are released to mark celebrations such as Christenings and weddings.

“You would probably find the remains of the lanterns in the Campsies.

“There’s nothing scary about them and I think people are just looking for a bit of reassurance about what they are.”

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