Community clear-ups growing in popularity

Lennoxtown Clean-up
Lennoxtown Clean-up

Community-minded residents across East Dunbartonshire are rolling their sleeves up to clear litter-strewn paths and neighbourhoods.

Milton of Campsie volunteers recently got together for a second clear-up of the village’s former railway station.

The picturesque spot had become blighted by litter, but has now been transformed thanks to more than 40 people dedicated to the common goal.

Local councillor Gemma Welsh and MP Gregg McClymont were there to lend a hand - as were a couple from Kirkintilloch.

One of the organisers said: “The difference we are making is absolutely incredible.

“The effort in clearing the platforms, turning soil, brushing down and repairing the old platform walls, raking out old wood, soil and branches, and re-laying slabs on the platforms is brilliant.

“It was really uplifting to see everyone at work. In particular we’d like to thank all the young people who attended.

“This area is no longer a safety hazard and the next clean-up should be in around six to eight weeks time.”

And, just down the road in Lennoxtown, similar work is being done.

One recent event saw over 40 bags of rubbish collected from a section of the old railway path, with MSP Fiona McLeod amongst the volunteers.

One of the organisers said: “If we clean up our village then perhaps we can shame those who litter wilfully.

“This is not a job for the council – we should expect support but we pay our council tax for essential services and not to clean up after ourselves.

“We have a big year ahead with thousands of visitors coming to the area but we have a lifetime ahead with millions of us living here. Let’s not face the embarrassment of being told that it’s a fantastic place but the people don’t care.”

Kirkintilloch resident William Campbell described the Milton of Campsie clean-up as “magnificent” and wants his town to follow suit.

He explained: “Parts of Luggie Park and some of the nearby railway walkway and canal towpath have a disgusting amount of litter scattered about, whether dropped by passers-by or blown there.

“I occasionally pick up a bagful, but think a lot more could be done, perhaps on a monthly or quarterly basis, by a well-motivated and equipped group.”

David Cullen, the council’s local neighbourhood services manager, said: “Where a community council or community group is organising a clean-up of an area, we would be delighted to provide equipment including litter pickers, bags and a skip, if it’s needed. This request can easily be made through our contact centre on 0300 123 4510.”