Community hits out at graffiti vandalism

Waterside graffiti
Waterside graffiti
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Residents have hit out at vandals after graffiti was found littered across buildings and property in Waterside.

The culprits targeted a handful of sites in the area with political slogans calling for a No vote in the referendum.

The graffiti al so carried sectarian connotations with reference to the UFF and the UVF — both prescribed as terrorist groups by the Home Office.

The vandals tagged the wall of the former garage on Bankhead Road, a nearby bus stop and the new football pavilion near Gray Street.

Officers from East Dunbartonshire Council have since removed the graffiti, but many locals have hit out at those responsible.

Bill Lapping, of the Waterside Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, said: “It’s disturbing that people have taken it upon themselves to go around and vandalise property like that.

“The language used was shocking and there were children exposed to that.

“What’s more is that the new football pavilion cost a lot of money and for someone to come in and deface it is just not acceptable.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named added: “It’s fairly nasty to have this kind of thing around here. It doesn’t give a good impression to anybody visiting the area.”

Local councillor Jack Young branded the culprits ‘shameful’ for defacing the community.

He said: “The people who carry out this sort of thing don’t seem to realise that the council will now have to come out and clean this up at a cost, effectively taking money out of their own area.

“In fairness to the council, they came out and cleaned it up very quickly, but they shouldn’t have to in the first place.

“Whatever your political views, it’s just really shameful that we have to put up with folk going around painting obscene graffiti on public buildings.”

Joe Wilson, manager of the council’s local neighbourhood services, said: “The council has received one complaint about vandalism in the Waterside area.

“An officer has been asked to survey the area and remove any graffiti from council buildings.”