Community pays tribute to hero dad

The family's home in Catter Gardens which was completely destroyed in a fire.
The family's home in Catter Gardens which was completely destroyed in a fire.

Tributes have been paid to a devoted husband and father who died in a house fire in Mains Estate, Milngavie on Sunday morning.

It’s believed that Colin Davies (45) had gone downstairs to investigate after the smoke alarm went off at their home in Catter Gardens, Milngavie, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Colin Davies

Colin Davies

He discovered the house was on fire and shouted to his wife Catherine (42) and their 11-year-old son Joel, who were both upstairs, to get out of the house.

Catherine and Joel jumped out of an upstairs bedroom window to escape the blaze.

Brave neighbours helped them by catching Joel and putting out a mattress for Catherine, who has Multiple Sclerosis, to give her a softer landing.

Catherine wants everyone to know that her ‘beloved husband died a true hero’ after saving her and their son’s lives. She broke her ankle from the fall and Joel luckily escaped with minor injuries.

Firefighters found Colin in the house and pulled him out but sadly he died a short while after arriving at hospital.

Catherine and Joel have been left homeless and with no possessions.

Two online crowdfunding pages have been set up by kind neighbours and friends who were concerned about Catherine and Joel.

One of them has raised a phenomenal £4,017 in just three days.

Friend Ali Kerr, who set up the fundraising page said there’s been an “overwhelming response”, with some offering clothes and basic necessities and one company offering to fit a new bathroom for free at the fire damaged property.

Ali said: “The whole community is in a state of shock at the moment.

“Colin was a very loving husband and father.

“Catherine wants everyone to know that her very much beloved husband died a true hero that night and saved the lives of both her and their son.

“If Colin had not shouted for them to get out of the house they would not have survived.

“Things would also have been a lot worse if it was not for the bravery of the neighbours who were quickly on the scene, before firefighters arrived.

“Neighbours Graham Black and Darren fought through the smoke and risked their own lives to do the best they could to save them all.

“Within minutes of Catherine and Joel jumping out the house was up in flames.”

Catherine’s MS prevents her from working and carrying out everyday normal tasks and Colin was her full-time carer.

Ali added: “Catherine will be wheelchair bound for a while as she recovers from her injuries.

“Everyone wants to do their bit to help and neighbours have been buying Catherine and Joel clothes and basic neccessities.

“These donations will not take the pain away of losing a loved one, but it can at least help to rebuild their lives.”

If you would like to donate please visit: