Concern over state of Auld Aisle Cemetery

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The condition of part of a cemetery in Kirkintilloch has been slammed – after the news this year the area has the highest burial charges in Scotland.

The cost of buying a plot in East Dunbartonshire is a whopping £2,875.

Flo Cairney described the condition of the old part of Auld Aisle Cemetery as “East Dunbartonshire’s shame.”

She hit out at the council on the Herald’s Facebook site.

She posted: “I would like the Herald to contact EDC on 
behalf of the many bereaved of this town and ask why, if they can source funds for a shared space nobody wanted and a town hall nobody will be able to afford, they cannot find money for one of the most important places in this town.

“That is, the final resting place of so many good, decent, young and old sons and daughters of Kirkintilloch and lest we forget, the brave men who fought for this country.

“The Auld Aisle is definitely East Dunbartonshire’s shame.

“Think it’s time EDC did some restoration work in the old part of the cemetery. It’s an absolute and utter disgrace considering the ridiculously high burial charges we are being asked to pay that they continue to allow this part of the cemetery to further decline.

“It’s time some of our hard-earned cash was ploughed into places that matter to the people of Kirkintilloch .

Pamela Lucas added: “The most expensive council for burial and they think this is acceptable. Utterly appalling.”

While Jacquie Trotter posted: “It’s a disgrace.”

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets, said: “There is a programme of regular maintenance for all Council maintained cemeteries and the Old Aisle Cemetery is no exception.As part of this maintenance programme, the paths and borders are regularly treated to control the weeds and the grass cut 12 times a year.

“However, at the moment we are dealing with a species of weed that is particularly resistant to herbicide and this weed is appearing through the surface of a number of footpaths. A number of path repairs and upgrades were identified in a survey carried out by the Council earlier this year and these are in the process of being addressed.

“A number of benches in the cemetery are also scheduled to be replaced in the winter maintenance programme.

“When damage occurs to lairs in any of the Council’s cemeteries, employees contact the lair owner at the last known address. If a lair owner has moved on and not notified the Council of new contact details, it can be very difficult to alert them, although every effort is made.

“However, the Council has invested £20,000 this year in securing the older, unstable headstones in our cemeteries.

“We believe that Old Aisle Cemetery is well maintained and have received feedback from the public to this effect.

“If anyone has a complaint they can call 0300 123 4510 and we’ll be happy to look into it.”