Concerns over huge housing and retail development on farmland at Muirhead

Persimmon Homes is seeking permission to proceed with a major project at Heathfield Farm, which lies to the south of Drumcavel Road.

The plans also include land for retail/community use, a new link road and the demolition of existing buildings.

Also within the scope of the project is the possible creation of shops, a health centre and dentist surgery.

Gartcosh Primary School is due to be replaced with a new 14-classroom facility supporting more than 400 pupils. Discussions as to the location of the new school are ongoing, but Persimmon has stated this new housing development would make a suitable site. A quarter of the houses built there would be designed as affordable housing.

The proposals have attracted 43 objections from members of the public.

Stepps and District Community Council has also published a formal objection. With regard to the project, it said: “The scale of development proposed will have significant and irreversible negative impacts on the surrounding communities, place further pressure on local services such as education and health, and contribute to the coalescence of existing communities and their subsequent loss of character and identity.”

The community council also strongly opposes claims that a projected local traffic increase of up to 25 per cent is “not significant”. It said: “The Station Road / Cumbernauld Road (Muirhead) junction, for example, regularly suffers extended traffic queues at peaks, this situation will become intolerable for local residents with the level of development proposed.

Consultation and time to lodge objections on the application will close on April 19.