Cops and council collar dodgy dog owners

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DOG walkers who didn’t ‘scoop the poop’ have been hammered in a fresh clampdown by police and the council.

Fines have been dished out in the latest bid to clean up the pavements, pathways and parks of East Dunbartonshire.

The authorities are determined to hound irresponsible dog owners and have warned people to pick up the dog mess . . . or pick up a fine.

Hot spot areas identified by the council and Herald readers include:

* Victoria Street and Hillhead Road in Kirkintilloch

* Angus Avenue, Bishopbriggs

* Kirkintilloch Marina

* Woodhead Avenue, Kirkintilloch

A campaign was launched by East Dunbartonshire Council last summer, but education and enforcement has been ongoing and recently bore fruit.

In the run-up to Christmas, two fixed penalty notices were issued to dog walkers for offences in Victoria Street and Hillhead Road in Kirkintilloch.

Meanwhile, police charged a man in Angus Avenue, Bishopbriggs, for allegedly not clearing up after his pet.

Deputy council leader and convener of housing and community services, Councillor Ashay Ghai, said: “There are many popular paths and walkways in East Dunbartonshire that are littered with dog mess left by irresponsible dog owners.

Some of the areas highlighted include the canal path at Kirkintilloch Marina, which is used by pupils going to and from school, Victoria Street behind the banks in Kirkintilloch, and Allander Road and Deveron Road in Bearsden.

“There have been many other complaints about dog fouling. The environmental and community protection team respond to complaints by patrolling and sanitising hot spot areas, as well as ensuring there are sufficient dog bins and ‘no dog fouling’ signs in and around the areas of issue.”

Councillor Ghai added: “It is encouraging to see that those responsible for dog mess are prosecuted when caught and I hope that this is a warning to those who disregard their neighbours and community by failing to pick up after their pets.

“There are numerous dog bins situated in our streets and regular litter bins can be used to dispose of bagged dog waste.

“I would remind all dog users to bag waste and improve our streets and parks for the benefit of everyone within our community.”

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