Cops cracking down on mobile menaces this week

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STRATHCLYDE Police are out in force to catch drivers who put lives on the line ... to stay on the line!

This week’s offensive will also see officers crackdown on people not wearing a seatbelt in East Dunbartonshire and beyond. Despite high-profile campaigns, the dangers of using a phone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt are still not getting through and officers aim to use this initiative to raise awareness and remind people that they breaking the law by not complying with legislation. In the five years that using a mobile phone has been an endorsable offence, over 62,000 fixed penalty notices have been issued by officers in Strathclyde for using a mobile phone while driving. In the same time, over 64,000 people have been caught for not wearing a seatbelt. Chief Superintendent Alan Speirs, head of road policing, said: “It’s so important that people concentrate on their driving rather than talking on their mobile phone. Is the call that important that it is worth risking your life for? “By now, the use of seatbelts should be second nature. That is why I am so disappointed by motorists and passengers who, on a daily basis, ignore this basic safety rule. “My officers deal all too frequently with the aftermath of road crashes. If people took more care when driving the number of deaths or serious injuries would fall. “I cannot emphasise enough the grave risk people are putting themselves, and other road users, in by not concentrating when in the car. “People seem to think it will not happen to them, but it can and it will. You could either be the victim or the one who causes a crash or a death.”