Cops probe attempted house break-ins

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Police are urging residents to be on their guard after crooks attempted to break into two homes on the same night in North Glasgow.

The would-be burglars tried to get into houses in Robroyston overnight on Sunday, December 29, by forcing the patio doors.

The incidents come just weeks after it was announced that housebreakers face up to five years in jail under a tough new prosecution policy being enforced over the festive period.

The crackdown was announced as Police Scotland said it had recorded a four per cent rise in housebreakings since April last year.

Robroyston was one of the areas previously targeted when thieves broke into a number of houses and stole car keys before making off with several vehicles.

Police Scotland has issued the following advice to keep your home safe.

-Security mark your property with a UV marker pen. You can use this pen to place an invisible imprint of your postcode and house number on your possessions.

-Place a sticker on a conspicuous window of your home that states your possessions have been security marked will also help to deter thieves. Ask for one of these stickers at your local police office.

-Keep your home securely locked at all times. Most house break-ins are committed by opportunist thieves who do not have to break-in due to a door or window having been left open.

Police also recommend speaking to the crime prevention officer at your local police office about the safety devices (locks, timers, lighting etc) and procedures (closing curtains after dark, cancelling regular deliveries when you are on holiday, etc.) that you can put in place to increase the security of your property.

You may also want to talk to your landlord or council about installing a telephone entry system. This may be easier to organise if you get together with other residents.

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