Could parking charges be on the way?

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CONTROVERSIAL proposals to fund the return of traffic wardens by charging for council-owned parking spaces could be presented to the public as early as next month.

East Dunbartonshire Council is set to hold “consultation events” in February or March on Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE).

At the moment there are no traffic wardens patrolling the villages and towns of East Dunbartonshire. Instead, police have taken over on a temporary basis.

The council wants to introduce a DPE scheme which will see the authority employ its own traffic wardens.

It has been suggested that costs be covered through enforcement penalties and charging for the use of council-owned parking spaces.

That proposal sparked controversy last year and the council hoped to ask members of the public for their views before the end of 2011.

However, the consultation will now take place in late February and March – at the earliest.

Derek Cunningham, director of development and infrastructure at the council, said: “The policy and resources committee in August 2011 considered a number of issues associated with the implementation of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement.

“The committee requested additional detail be provided in relation to the different delivery models and further work has focused on this and on some technical aspects of Traffic Regulation Orders.

“This has, in turn, delayed work on the intended consultation exercise on the parking strategy and on DPE.

“Further information will be presented to an impending committee and, if the necessary approval is forthcoming, then consultation events would be held in late February and early March.”

The results would then go back to the council for consideration.

January 2013 has been highlighted as the earliest possible date for DPE being introduced.

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