Could Tesco be ready to snap up flagship HQ?


RUMOURS were rife this week that East Dunbartonshire Council is set to sell its flagship headquarters to a supermarket chain.

A recent estate review by council officers earmarked Tom Johnston House, in Kirkintilloch, for sale “in the long term”, with staff moving into offices at the nearby Southbank Marina.

No firm plans have yet been revealed, but many believe that Tesco, which has traded from the town’s Regent Centre for more than a decade, could be set to take the opportunity to expand their operations in the area.

It’s not the first time the retail giants have been rumoured to be looking to build a new store - 10 years ago plans for a supermarket on Woodhead Park were in the pipeline. In recent months there has been further speculation that Tesco was interested in a site off Woodilee Road - near the new Kirkintilloch link road.

The Tom Johnston House site would have the twin benefits of being relatively close to the link road, while also being within walking distance of both the centres of Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

When approached by the Herald, East Dunbartonshire Council strongly denied that any plans were in place.

Grace Irvine, the council’s head of assets and property services, said: “There have been no negotiations with Tesco regarding the Tom Johnston House site and therefore no such agreement exists.

“The site has not been put on the market.”

But supermarket chiefs remained tight-lipped about the site - refusing to deny the rumours.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We’re always interested in new investment opportunities and improving our service for customers.

“If we were to bring forward plans for this or any other site we would, of course, consult with the community and engage local stakeholders, such as yourself, in the consultation process.”