Council binned furniture after move to new HQ

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HOW much did it cost to scrap furniture at the council’s new Marina HQ because “it wasn’t suited to the working environment”?

That’s the question being asked after development chiefs defended their decision to buy brand new office furniture and supplies for the new Southbank Marina base.

One Herald reader said he was “outraged” at the cost implications.

He said: “I go to the marina two or three times a day and during one of my visits I saw an articulated lorry full from top to bottom, front to back, with brand new office furniture.

“There were also printers, computers and lots of other office equipment - all brand new.

“It would be interesting to see the bill for that.

“You can’t tell me all of the furniture in Tom Johnston House was that bad or damaged that it couldn’t be used.

“I can’t understand why the council seems to have a bottomless pit of money when it comes to their own funds.”

Derek Cunningham, the council’s director of development and infrastructure, said: “The council has fundamentally changed how it operates within the office environment and has moved from numerous properties comprising many individual offices and cellular spaces to a much more cost effective and flexible open plan arrangement.

“This has significantly reduced the overall floor space by some 49 per cent and allows the council to operate on a 70 per cent desk-to-staff ratio.

“This has generated significant ongoing savings on property and associated costs. To achieve these significant savings and to operate in this new ‘smart working’ manner does, however, require a totally different type of furniture from that used in previous offices, including Tom Johnston House.

“Most of the old office furniture has been made available to local schools and charities, as it is not suited to the new working environment.”

He added: “Money has not been wasted on needless acquisitions, but has been invested in a manner which generates significant long term savings and protects services to the public and jobs.”

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