Council cutbacks would be a good thing ... for towering trees!

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MY home could be at risk from trees as high as 80ft, claims a concerned dad.

Paul Graham first contacted the council two years ago after a branch fell onto his garage roof and landed in the garden.

He is worried for the safety of his three young children and his home.

The council carried out a risk assessment survey at the end of last year, but said the trees were no threat to Paul’s property in Mill Rise in Lenzie.

Then in May this year, six of the trees came down – one hit a neighbour’s roof and another one came through Paul’s fence, smashing his children’s playhouse and trampoline, and damaging the garage roof.

And during December’s severe winds a branch came crashing through his fence.

Paul said: “After the incident in May the council sent a tree surgeon out who said the trees were riddled with a fungus that eats the trees and makes them unsafe. He said they were going to come down any time.

“The council said they would have other trees that were overhanging taken down. They came out and took two or three branches off to clear a cycling sign on the path, but didn’t do anything else.

“During the recent winds I heard a bang and when I looked outside a woman was running up the side path as a branch had come down. It could have been a lot worse.”

Paul (pictured with the recent damage) has since contacted the council again – to no avail.

He added: “What is it going to take, are they waiting until a tree falls on my kids? They have not dealt with the problem.”

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “The council has carried out extensive tree-felling operations in the vicinity of Mr Graham’s property following the May 22 storm. At that time seven trees were removed, and only healthy trees and trees which the council considered to be safe were left remaining.

“However on December 8, when winds of up to 80mph were experienced across Scotland – a limb from a conifer tree was blown down and damaged a slat on Mr Graham’s boundary fence.

“On removing the branch – the tree was inspected and found to be healthy and was not cut back or removed.”