Council inundated with tenants unable to pay their rent

More than 5,750 households in North Lanarkshire have suffered financial and emotional hardship as a result of the UK government’s Bedroom Tax.

North Lanarkshire Council says it has been inundated with tenants seeking help on a range of problems including not having enough cash to pay rent not covered by Housing Benefit, difficulty in finding a smaller property, concern at no longer having a spare room for their child to stay in and getting into debt.

The Council’s Finance Convener, Councillor Bob Burrows, says a recently released Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) report* proves the controversial policy is badly flawed and that Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) are not a sustainable solution to the problems it has created.

He added: “Despite this, we are continuing to work with tenants to help them. We have just over £3 million available to help residents who contact us to meet the shortfall in their rent caused by this piece of legislation.”

Cllr Burrows said: “The claim process is relatively simple but residents affected by the bedroom tax must get in touch with us.

“They can make contact by attending our First Stop Shops, emailing or on 01698 403901.”