Council reveals plans to create a ‘marina campus’

Southbank House, Kirkintilloch
Southbank House, Kirkintilloch

Council leaders could be set to splash out almost £17million creating a ‘marina campus’ in a bid to solve an office space shortage.

Under plans recently presented to East Dunbartonshire councillors, vacant offices at Southbank Marina, in Kirkintilloch, would be used to house council workers.

Nearby Southbank House, which currently houses council social work staff, would then be demolished to make way for a 2,000sqm office.

Meanwhile, the second floor of the Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre would be transformed from small offices to an open plan layout to house additional social work staff from Southbank House.

The scheme would also provide an opportunity to ‘reconfigure’ parking across the marina.

It would link with the planned Kirkintilloch Community Sports Complex for a ‘wider parking solution’.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “The council’s Corporate Asset Management Plan is a vital framework which covers a range of properties, sites and assets.

“The plan is at the heart of the authority’s ongoing efforts to develop and regenerate East Dunbartonshire - despite a challenging financial climate, particularly in terms of revenue.

“I believe there are exciting times ahead for East Dunbartonshire and the authority will continue to play a vital role with our partners.”