Council urged to bulldoze ‘dangerous’ Springburn pub

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Springburn Community Council has launched a new bid to get rid of a derelict eyesore pub that’s said to be both a fire risk and a magnet for vandals.

The Talisman, in Balgrayhill Road, is slammed as “a manifestation of a culture of neglect and blatant disregard for the health, wellbeing and future of Springburns residents”.

An online petition is calling for the crumbling shell of the building to be flattened and replaced by temporary greenspace, in the hope that the site can then be sold to a developer capable of turning it into something socially useful.

In their petition the Community Council complains: “The Talisman pub has been a derelict eyesore in Springburn for several years.

“It is also a dangerous site - it has attracted local youths in the area who have climbed the structure and it was also been set on fire in 2012.

“MSPs and councillors have led a long campaign for action to be taken on the long-standing eyesore.

“However, Glasgow City Council has been unwilling to demolish the site, despite its dangerous nature and complaints from many residents.

“Glasgow City Council cannot do this without permission from the owners of the site and therefore must be willing to enter into negotiations to see the site demolished.”

The Community Council, backed by local politicians, want the city council to take conpulsory purchase action to end the deadlock over the site.

The petition adds: “Developers have displayed interest in the property, but due to the owner being unwilling to let it go, this has been impossible”.

Details of the petition can be found on Springburn Community Council’s Facebook site.