Council urges residents to continue recycling despite facility closure

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A RECYCLING bank has been forced to close - leading council chiefs to urge environmentally-minded residents to use nearby alternatives.

The facility in the car park of the Bishopbriggs branch of Morrisons has been scrapped because lorries were finding it hard to gain access to empty the containers.

Council officers are now hunting for a suitable alternative site, but insist that in the meantime there are plenty of other recycling alternatives.

Facilities are available at Asda in Bishopbriggs, the underground recycling centre at the Leisuredrome and Mavis Valley recycling centre in Balmuildy Road.

Derek Cunningham, the council’s director of development and infrastructure, said: “In East Dunbartonshire we are fortunate that local people are very active when it comes to recycling and I appreciate that the closure of the recycling centre at Morrisons is an inconvenience to those who use the facility.

“However, I would urge residents to continue recycling their waste materials at one of the alternative centres nearby whilst officers try to identify a suitable site near to Morrisons.”