Countdown is on for 2015 election

Labour candidate Tom Clarke launched his re-election campaign last week in a bid to win the Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill seat.

Mr Clarke was supported at the launch by a number of distinguished speakers including film producer Mark Millar, Yes campaigner Sir Charles Gray, GP Dr Singh MBE, James Dempsey, son of the late Jimmy Dempsey MP, and first time voter Samantha Byrne.

Mr Clarke spoke out about the increase in poverty and pledged to demand a Scottish Commission on the issue.

The Labour candidate said representatives on the commission should include people who worked in the field of poverty and it should not exclude those who suffer poverty.

And he stressed that it should not be a commission made up of the great and the good.

In an attack on the UK Government Mr Clarke called for a reversal of ‘Tory welfare cuts’ for sick and disabled people.

He added: “I invite the electorate of Coatbridge Chryston and Bellshill in this General Election to judge me on my record and to consider my main themes of abolishing poverty, giving power back to the people, and setting out clear guidance as to how constituents can be helped when in difficulty.

“ It is my contention that these measures will lead us out of poverty and begin to address the concerns of health, housing and low pay.”