Crackdown needed to stop speeders outside school say families

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SLAM the brakes on speeding drivers near a primary school – that’s the plea from fed-up parents.

Gartcosh Community Council says motorists are driving too fast on Lochend Road close to Gartcosh Primary.

The community council claims some drivers travel at more than 70mph on the 30mph stretch of the A752.

Jim Waddell, chairman of the community council, said: “Some drivers treat the A752 as if it has no speed limit and they are coming over the hill next to the school too quickly.

“We need traffic calming measures such as zig zag lines to slow the traffic down, particularly around the school. The sooner the better.”

North Lanarkshire Council says it is not aware of any issues on the roads around the school, which is within a 20’s plenty zone.

Alex Ramsay, the council’s assistant business manager (roads operations), added: “However, we’ll be happy to have another look at the road with a view to addressing local concerns.”

Cumbernauld Police say they have not received any complaints about speeding on Lochend Road or the A752 since the start of term.

Inspector James Borland told the Herald: “I can confirm there have been several speeding enforcement operations in other streets within Gartcosh in relation to vehicles speeding in the vicinity of the school.

“The safety of children attending school should be a priority for all people using the road and it is incumbent on the drivers of all vehicles to ensure that they adhere to the speed limit and park safely within the vicinity of all school buildings.”