Cracking up! Family claimed they’ve been forced to live in one room...

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A FAMILY say they have been living in one bedroom for four months ... due to safety fears at their home.

James Rae (45) insists he was told by housing officials in December that the cracks in the walls and floors of his council home just needed patched up.

However, when council officers visited the house in January to inspect a crack in the living room floor, it became clear the problem was more serious and would need to be investigated by a structural engineer.

James, who uncovered the cracks while he was decorating the three-bedroomed house in Alexander Avenue, Twechar, says the situation has pushed his family to breaking point.

He said: “I gave the council a list of problems in December and I was told I would have to patch up the cracks.

“Then I was told that a structural engineer was coming out.”

James says the stress of the situation is putting a strain on his family’s health, especially his wife’s. She suffers from the lung condition known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

He added: “I’ve given the council time to get this sorted, but they are just fobbing me off.”

Grace Irvine, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of assets and property services, said: “A structural engineer visited the property on Tuesday, March 20 and has reported that the majority of the cracking is not structural and can be resolved by plaster repairs and decoration.

“One crack at the front door does require further investigation and the engineer is arranging this with the tenant.

“Now that we have received an initial report from the engineer we are arranging for the plaster repairs to be carried out and are awaiting the final details from the structural engineer in relation to the further investigatory works.”

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