Gang causing havoc in grounds of Lenzie school

A gang of youths have been causing havoc in the grounds of a Lenzie primary school.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 12:20 pm

Local residents say they have complained to both East Dunbartonshire Council and local police about the problem at Millersneuk Primary School.

A large group of about 20 teenagers, both boys and girls, say residents, have been drinking alcohol, smashing glass on the school pitch and nearby walkways and generally causing mayhem.

The incidents are happening outwith school hours.

One resident posted on social media: “The police and council are aware as it now has been classed as a hot spot area, however this issue just keeps repeating itself.

“I don’t believe this is solely a police matter, but also one for councillors, local community and parents as a whole.

“We have all been young once, some of us being wild at that age so I don’t want to brandish every young adult with the same brush as this is a minority of young adults and from my understanding some of them are local to Lenzie.

“The police are having a walk through the school at night. I saw them last night. They are doing their best but it’s up to parents to watch what their teenagers are doing.

“We are hoping to talk to the school and councillor about this, as I don’t want the school to be a fortress. The pitch area is great for the kids to be able to play on out of school time.

“Every gate in the school is locked every night. They all have to climb over the fence or find a space to squeeze through”.

A police spokesperson said this morning (Tuesday) they were aware of the problem in the area and had stepped up patrols.

The Herald has contacted East Dunbartonshire Council and is awaiting its reponse.