Mystery of the missing banner

The banner that has vanished.
The banner that has vanished.

A slimming class leader from Bishopbriggs is appealing for the return of the banner she uses to promote her weekly class.

Sandra Raynes runs a class each Wednesday evening at the Cadder Church Halls, in Kirkintilloch Road, and each week she attaches the banner promoting the class onto the wall outside the halls a few hours earlier.

But on Wednesday, February 15, the banner disappeared within an hour of Sandra putting it up at lunchtime that day.

Sandra said: “I fixed it to the wall around noon and than popped down to the shops for around half an hour.

“But when I came back to the halls the banner had gone.

“I searched the area around the halls and asked if anyone in the church coffee shop had seen it, but to no avail.

“I then phoned the council to ask if they had removed it, but they were not very helpful at all.

“All the person who took my call could say was that sometimes they do remove banners for safety reasons, and that if they had taken mine down it would already have been thrown out, but she could not confirm if that was what had happened that day.

“I am really quite annoyed about his, as I had only got the banner made within the past year, and I have put it up at that location every Wednesday since last April.

“The banner is worthless to anyone else, and so I am appealing to Herald readers who may know what has happened to it to get in touch, or to return it to the hall anonymously.”