Vandals causing havoc at old St Joseph’s Primary building at Milngavie

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Vandals have been creating havoc at a former primary school at Milngavie with 
complaining residents making regular calls to the police.

St Joseph’s Primary has been lying empty for some time 
after pupils were moved to 
the new-build St Nicholas’ 
Primary School at Bearsden.

One resident told the Herald: “Every weekend since its closure, police have attended break-ins, vandalism, fires being started at outbuildings, and more. Now that school is in summer break this is a daily or nightly occurance.”

He said that, in the main, damage had been contained to the school and outbuilding.

But matters came to a head this week when an elderly couple living nearby had their house windows smashed whilst they were in bed.

The resident said: “East Dunbartonshire Council have a responsibility to safe guard this area as a vacant building and have health and safety 
liabilities to this site.”

Police confirmed they had received complaints about vandalism and were investigating. Officers are also liaising with council about the demolition of the school.

The Herald contacted the council, and its Executive Officer - Assets & Facilities, Alan Bauer, responded: “St Joseph’s Primary School buildings have been secured and are inspected regularly to ensure they remain so.

“On occasions when further work has been required to secure the buildings, it has been completed as soon as possible.

“Demolition of the buildings is due to start in August and we expect full security fencing to be erected on site once the site is handed over to the contractor. This should be installed in the next few weeks, prior to demolition works commencing.”