CS gas used to tackle bonfire ‘riot’

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POLICE were forced to use CS spray when trouble erupted on Bonfire Night.

Numerous calls were received about a group causing disorder in the Ferness Oval, Balornock, area on Saturday evening.

It’s alleged that bonfires were lit, fireworks were thrown and people were singing sectarian songs.

CS spray, which temporarily affects the senses, was used during an arrest. Men aged 20, 24 and 26, were all arrested.

Meanwhile, a firework was thrown into a building for adults with autism.

Luckily, no-one was injured in the incident, but it caused alarm to the residents. Some damage was caused to tiles.

The incident took place at the National Autistic Society building in Morrin Path in Springburn, on Saturday at around 8.30pm.

Police believe two youths were responsible. They were aged between 11 and 14. One was wearing a grey hooded top and had dark hair. The other was wearing a dark hooded top and a black skip cap.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0141 532 4400.