WORRIED residents have called on motorists to cut their speed following a series of accidents on the streets of Bishopbriggs.

There have been several car crashes in the town in the last month.

One of the worst saw a car crash into the wall of the Leisuredrome in Balmuildy Road, somersault into the car park and onto the bonnets of other cars.

Residents in the area have called for traffic calming measures.

There have also been road traffic accidents on Woodhill Road and Crowhill Road.

Concerns have also been raised about speeding in Angus Avenue.

Residents in the street say they have had property damaged and cars have ended up in their gardens, because speeding drivers struggle to control their vehicles on the road.

According to the police, 15 road traffic offences in Bishopbriggs have been reported to the procurator fiscal in the last month.

Bihopbriggs Community Council spoke to Constable Neil Craig about the issue at their latest meeting.

Constable Craig said: “We have recently purchased a laser speed gun to target speeding. If residents point out issues to the police we can make an action plan.”

Constable Craig said police had targeted the town’s Beech Road area after residents raised concerns about speeding.

Bishopbriggs Community Council chairman Dominic Notarangelo said: “There are roads in Bishopbriggs, such as Menteith Avenue and Crowhill Road, which merit more police attention.

“Everyone knows these roads come up time and time again.”

Meanwhile, there is growing support for a Twenty’s Plenty pilot scheme in parts of Bishopbriggs.