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Praise for Herald readers

I AM writing to thank you and your readers for supporting British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland Shop’s ‘Great British Bag-athon’.

The campaign, which took place throughout September, was a huge success and we’re very grateful to everyone who joined in and donated so many bags full of lovely things.

We had an amazing response with over 13,600 bags donated locally and, with each bag on average raising £20, this could be worth a possible £272,000 to help fund the fight against the nation’s biggest killer, heart disease.

Thanks to the tremendous contribution across the whole of Scotland, we have been able to raise over 63,000 bags – this could be worth a possible £1,260,000!

BHF Scotland Shops are always in need of donations and it doesn’t have to be just clothes – good quality CDs, DVDs, books, toys and ornaments are all welcome.

In addition, if you are planning a house clearout, our Furniture and Electrical Stores are always in need of good quality homeware.

For bulky items or large numbers of bags you can also book a free collection from your door by calling 0844 412 5000.

Marion Murray

Area Manager,

BHF Scotland Shops.

Struggling families will pay the price, says MP

FOR millionaires, I dare say George Osborne’s Autumn Statement was very welcome indeed.

But while millionaires get a tax cut it is struggling families in my constituency on middle and modest incomes who are paying the price for this Government’s economic failure.

Sixty per cent of households hit by the real terms cuts to benefits and tax credits are working households.

Working parents in East Dunbartonshire will see child tax credits and child benefit cut in real terms – on top of the previously announced freezes to working tax credits and childcare cuts.

This goes against the promises of Lib Dems like my fellow East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson that their Government would make the wealthiest carry the biggest burden.

Instead it’s families, children and the poor paying the price of this Government’s economic failure.

So much for progressive Liberal Democrats. When will the Lib Dems stop acting as Tory stooges?

Gregg McClymont,

MP for Cumbernauld,

Kilsyth and Kikintilloch East

Sports centre consultation

YOU reported last week that a fight is now on to save the Iain Nicolson Centre in Chryston from closure.

This must indeed be pretty surprising news to the vast majority of folk in Chryston and the surrounding area.

Surely an elected North Lanarkshire Council would not attempt to railroad this unpopular measure through without properly consulting the people? Of course not!

Mr James Frew labels the matter a “fait accompli” and he might not be far wrong.

The council already has in place the new “hub” at the £23.3 million Chryston High School and Cultural Centre and the “consultation period” about the proposed closure ends in 10 days when anybody, who might have heard of it, would probably be too busy thinking about Christmas, never mind Chryston.

I am somehow reminded about a similar recent fiasco in East Dunbartonshire when a lot of folk, despite loudly protesting, woke up to find that a much-loved, and used, local facility was lost forever.

No doubt someone will say that the new library in Chryston is bigger than the old one.

John Quinn,


Gritting priority

AFTER one day of snow, for the fourth winter running the area surrounding Southbank Marina, the marina bridge and the canal path on the other side, became an ice rink, making the back gate of St Ninian’s High School a danger to enter for pupils.

Surely this area should be prioritised to clear and grit, especially as the marina is now the new headquarters of East Dunbartonshire Council who control the whole operation.

Are the councillors and council workers oblivious to what happens outside their office windows?

A large amount of pupils from both St Ninian’s, Lenzie Academy and surrounding primary schools use this route to get to and from school.

Although obviously the council did not have time to even grit the water side of the marina all the pavements and paths on the side of the main entrance to the headquarters are cleared and gritted, because we wouldn’t want our councillors falling, but it is ok if the pupils fall.

And if this isn’t bad enough the pavements around the main entrance to St Ninian’s were also covered in sheet ice and were only cleared a few days after the snow fell, making it very hard for any pupil who walks to get to school.

It’s hardly as if this is a new problem, the new school building, with use of the back gate and marina bridge, has been there since 2009 and yet every year the bridge becomes just about unusable.

I honestly believed that when the council moved into the marina it would solve the problem, but yet it still happens.

Douglas Keay

(via e-mail)

Boarded-up Britain

WITH reference to the article entitled “Boarded-up Britain” (Herald - December 5), I would wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of Robert McFadden, who suggests, amongst other things that the whole of Cowgate should be demolished, although we all know that it isn’t ever going to happen.

It might be interesting for the KH to track down whoever signed the agreement to allow such a monstrosity to be built.

There are just some things which cannot be fixed or made to look better.

Cowgate falls into that category, and no amount of town planning, “regeneration” and cosmetic surgery can ever hide the ugly aspect of these edifices.

They are particularly unsightly from the New Lairdsland Road, a fact which only became apparent when the new road was opened and people could see for the first time what the back-end of these properties looked like.

Sadly the town is lumbered with our main street but hey, there’s always The Hub Cafe to cheer you up on a cold and frosty morn! Personally I prefer the ambiance of Di Nisi’s.

S. Klimowicz,

Muirside Avenue,



A letter in last week’s Herald said Campsie Black Watch paid £92.80 for two bookings at the Merkland astro grass facility in Kirkintilloch. This should have read £192.80.

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