Dad delivers own son after girlfriend goes into labour in Lenzie

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SUPERDAD Chris Moore leapt into action and delivered his own son – with a little help from hospital staff on speakerphone and the baby’s grandmothers!

Chris Moore had to act quickly when his partner, Katy Travers, started to feel the baby was on its way.

The couple had not long returned from the Princess Royal Maternity, in Glasgow, for the second time, when Katy went into labour.

Chris called for an ambulance, but just nine minutes later he had delivered baby Lucas . . . on the landing of their house in Lenzie.

Chris (23) said: “I called 999, put the phone on loud speaker, and they talked me through it.

“It was sheer adrenaline that got me through. I had no choice, I knew I had to do it.

“It all happened so quickly. It was a great experience and Katy did so well.”

Katy (21) went to the Princess Royal Maternity after her waters broke in the early hours of Friday, May 4.

Staff said she was only two centimetres dilated and sent her home.

Katy said: “The contractions got worse so we went back to hospital about 9am. I had the option to stay, but partners are not allowed to wait with you, and I wanted Chris to be with me.”

The couple went home again and less than an hour later Lucas was born, weighing in at a healthy 7Ibs 10oz.

Katy said: “I felt that I needed to push. I could feel the baby’s head. I lay down on the landing upstairs and six pushes later Lucas was out.

“I was in shock. Chris was amazing. Lucas is absolutely perfect.”

Lucas is the couple’s first baby and he was born 18 days early.

Both grandmothers were also at the dramatic birth.

Katy’s mum, Karen (50), said: “I did think Katy was going to be early, but I didn’t think it would happen like that. It was very emotional.”

Chris’ mum Margaret led the paramedics into the house and was there when Lucas was born.

Chris added: “We’re absolutely chuffed with Lucas. Luckily it all worked out.”

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