Dad will do nicely – footy match to say thank-you to hospital!

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GRATEFUL dads pulled on their footy boots and held a charity game to say a big thank-you to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

The ‘Bishopbriggs International’ players planned their first charity match to coincide with Yorkhill Week and managed to raise a cool £171.

Dad Paul Wilson told the Herald how grateful he was to Yorkhill when his daughter Niamh, now two and a half years old, fell ill.

Paul explained: “Niamh was our firstborn and is our only child at the moment. For the first five months of her life we made regular trips to the hospital for treatment for an unusual condition which left her intolerant to protein and unable to take milk.

“We have been so thankful for all the work done by the staff at Yorkhill.

“Now Niamh is fully recovered we wanted to give something back.

“Lots of the guys in the team are dads and have had the help of Yorkhill at some time during their kids’ lives, so when I suggested that we adopt the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation as our chosen charity everyone agreed.

“We’re delighted that we managed to collect the cash to give to the charity because it was a very cold night and a bit miserable.

“Next year I think we’ll organise some more events in summer to maximise the turnout and support.”

The charity’s fundraising manager Kirsten Sinclair is delighted the team has chosen to support the charity.

She said: “Without this kind of support a lot of what we do would not be possible.”

Paul is pictured with his daughter, Niamh, and some of his team mates.

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