Danger junction action plea

Photo Emma Mitchell 11.09.17'Boclair road forcing people to turn right on red light
Photo Emma Mitchell 11.09.17'Boclair road forcing people to turn right on red light

Bearsden residents are 
calling for action at a busy junction after safety concerns over impatient drivers.

Pedestrians are being put at risk from frustrated motorists turning right from Milngavie Road on to Boclair Road.

One woman posted on 
social media that her daughter was almost knocked down by a vehicle.

She commented: “The green man came on and as she was crossing, a car turned right onto Boclair Road on a red light. Missed her by 

Concern has also been expressed over motorists driving dangerously through neighbouring streets to avoid the lights.

One resident posted: “They seem to be using the surrounding routes like a racetrack to avoid it.”

A fellow resident agreed and posted: “I’ve noticed a lot more people cutting up through Kensington. The whole thing’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Bearsden driver Mary Paterson said: “Sometimes I’ve seen me waiting for about four changes of lights before being able to turn right safely at this junction. You can also get stuck in the middle of the junction when oncoming traffic on Milngavie Road run a red light.

“It’s particularly bad at rush hour and the inside lane from Milngavie to Bearsden can be queued as far back as Canniesburn toll.”

Motorists want the roads department to install a filter light at the junction to help make it safe.

This is not the first time residents have demanded new safety measures at the junction. In 2010, a local action group called for a filter light here and also at the junction at Bearsden Cross after a police officer was injured when his van was in collision with a car.

Responding to the call, council boss Thomas Glen said: “Road safety is of paramount importance to the council when designing roads and installing traffic lights or other traffic management measures.

“The Council looked at various options during a recent detailed assessment of vehicle movements at this junction.

“The provision of a right turn filter lane on its own is expected to reduce the junction’s performance, resulting in increased queues and delays for the majority of road users.

“The Council will explore further options for this junction in the near future as part of a wider review of all traffic movements on Milngavie Road.”