Delays hit new housing plans

Torrance. Tower Road Farm.
Torrance. Tower Road Farm.

Villagers have been left scratching their heads after a planning application for a major housing development was delayed.

A recent consultation asked for public opinion on a proposed development of over 140 houses at Tower Farm, in Torrance, which is currently classed as greenbelt land.

According to an exhibition document that accompanied the consultation, the application should have been submitted by the end of 2014 with a decision being made by planning chiefs in the spring of 2015.

Torrance Community Council Chairperson, Hugh Kershaw, said: “The residents adjacent to the proposed development at Tower Farm are confused. They were led to believe that the application would be submitted before the end of the year. We are now nearing the end of January with no news about the pending application.

“The community council represents the interests of the residents of Torrance and to date all the feedback has been against this proposal.”

A public meeting was held in December, which was attended by more than 250 residents.

Town Planner at Geddes Consulting, Stuart Salter, confirmed that the application was running behind schedule and that they were hoping to have an update for the residents by the end of January.

He said: “We understand what the concerns are and we are trying to piece together a proposal that mitigates some of the feedback from the community.”

Mr Salter said that the comments received during the public consultation exercise had not yet been evaluated and that he hoped to be able to address concerns before an application was submitted.

Thomas Glen, East DunbartonshireCouncil’s director of development and regeneration confirmed that a planning application has yet to be received by the council.