Developers buy Lenzie school

Lenzie Primary School
Lenzie Primary School

Residents are concerned they are being kept in the dark over plans to sell a recently-closed primary school to a housing developer.

At a meeting of East Dunbartonshire Council held on Tuesday, June 21, under the heading of ‘proposed sale of Lenzie Primary School, Lenzie’, it was agreed “to instruct the Depute Chief Executive of Education, People and Business to conclude the sale to All Saints Developments Ltd on the terms contained within the report”.

The recommendation followed a discussion between councillors on the development and regeration committee, but the discussions and the report are not a matter of public record due to them containing commercially sensitive information.

But some are concerned that the sale has been agreed without any community involvement.

One Lenzie resident, who asked not to be named, said: Following the decision to closet he school there’s obviously been a lot of interest in what will happen to the site.

“This decision was buried in the middle of a report and it’s all been held in private without anybody asking residents what they would like to be done with the building.

“This is a public asset which is in a key location right slap bang in the middle of Lenzie.

It may be that the All Saints people will do something entirely acceptable to local people but it doesn’t seem right that the sale has been agreed in this way.

But Thomas Glen, the council’s Depute Chief Executive of Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets, said that residents WOULD get their chance to have a say as part of the planning process.

He said: “The Policy and Resources Committee considered several bids to buy Lenzie Primary School before approving an offer from All Saints Development Limited.

It is not normal practice for members of the public to be consulted about the sale of a property. However, a group of interested local residents expressed an interest in and met with elected members and officers.

As with any prospective purchaser, they had the opportunity to submit a bid by the closing date that had been set.

“Following the proposed sale there will be the opportunity to comment on any proposed development, as the sale will be subject to planning permission and consideration of a planning application.”