Developers set to move in on Torrance

A developer with plans to build a major housing development on Tower Farm in Torrance is looking to present a finalised proposal to the community council later this month.

Geddes Consulting hope to set out their plans to build 140 houses on greenbelt land after completing a public consultation.

Stuart Salter, from Geddes Consulting, said: “We’re working towards finalising our proposal.

“Part of the process is to go and speak to the community council and we have to take all these responses from the consultation in hand. We need to engage with the community.”

He also hopes to deliver the results of a public consultation and address some of the concerns that residents may have.

He added that the aim was to submit the application by “the tail end of March.”

George Kerr from community group, Keep Torrance a Village, said: “As far as I’m concerned any proposal should have been made at the time of the original consultation in the Caldwell Halls in October.

“To put new information to the community via the community council does not give any opportunity for the village to respond or review if the planning application goes in only a week or so later.”

Director of Development and Regeneration at EDC, Thomas Glen, confirmed that a planning application has yet to be received by the council.