Did a swimming fox kill cygnets in Lennoxtown?

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COULD swimming foxes or heron be behind myserious disappearance of baby swans?

They are the latest suspects identified in a bid to help explain the vanishing of seven cygnets from a village pond.

Last week we reported how the baby swans apparently vanished from Whitefield Pond, in Lennoxtown, on Saturday, June 23.

Local resident Ena Cuthbert said she was concerned that they could have been swept away by heavy rain.

She also thought that otters or mink could be to blame.

But this week another resident – Sharon Casey – suggested that other hungry predators could be the culprits.

She said: “We are also upset to the see the swans swimming around the pond without their cygnets this year.

“I was so upset that I decided to call the RSPB to discuss the matter.

“The RSPB informed me that a fox will swim out to the nest as will otters or even a heron who will take all the cygnets – these are the most likely predators.”

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