Dirty dozen fined over fouling!

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JUST 12 dodgy dog owners were fined for not cleaning up after their pet in East Dunbartonshire in ONE YEAR.

There have been renewed calls for action to tackle irresponsible locals who are leaving parks and pavements littered with dog’s mess.

Questions have been asked as to how the council is policing the parks and open spaces of East Dunbartonshire.

The specific post of dog warden no longer exists.

In addition, cutbacks announced last year in the number of Community Support Officers – who could issue dog fouling fines – has seen them reduced from 10 to four.

The quartet are now known as environmental wardens who can still issue fixed penalties to offending owners – but that is just part of their duties.

They are backed by other staff who can also issue fines.

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor David Ritchie said: “There is little or no enforcement and it’s all now about reacting to issues that have been raised rather than stopping them occuring in the first place.

“The withdrawal of the majority of the CSOs has definitely had a massive effect in areas such as dog fouling as the council has lost the proactive enforcement and education they provided and it’s all pretty much ignored now.

“It’s a very short-sighted approach which is having an effect on the quality of life for many people in their communities.”

Councillor Charles Kennedy has written to the council’s health and safety team on the issue – highlighting Peel Park as one of the hot spots.

Kenny Simpson, head of housing and communities, said: “The council takes these issues very seriously and can confirm that we have a team of employees in place to deal with the problem.

“There are four environmental wardens who issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling offences among other duties/responsibilities they undertake.

“Other members of the community protection team will also issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling offences.

“In addition, we have two pest control officers who also deal with stray dogs and irresponsible dog owners.”

During 2010-11 there were 135 complaints about dog fouling and 12 fixed penalty notices were issued by wardens.