Disgusted resident finds used needle in Kirkintilloch

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URGENT action has been called for after a man found a used SYRINGE discarded inches away from his back door.

David Nisbet, who lives in Burns Court, Kirkintilloch, made the gruesome discovery last week.

Now he wants East Dunbartonshire Council, who own the majority of the flats in the block, to step in - claiming their neglect has let common areas become havens for drug addicts and teenage drinkers.

The rear entry to the flats, where the syringe was found, has been left open for years and a variety of unsanitary refuse constantly gathers around council-works scaffolding.

David said: “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this.

“The rear entry door to the flats has been broken for years and despite us phoning and emailing the council countless times the door is still broken.

“We get teenagers in drinking, using the close for a toilet, people passing through letting their animals do the same, and injecting drugs as well.

“Any time we have actually managed to get a hold of someone at the council they make promises it will be fixed, and that the flats will be brilliant once they have finished working on them, but that is three or four years away yet.”

He added: “I can appreciate that they are working on the flats, but they could at least fix the broken entry door, which would help greatly.

“They did do something to the front door last year when it wasn’t shutting properly, but left the rear door completely untouched, which baffled us.”

Grant Mackintosh, the council’s housing manager, said: “In terms of waste and debris this can be an inevitable by-product of the significant improvement works currently being carried out by the council. We will ensure that contractors keep the site clean.

“If household rubbish is also contributing to the problem we will try to identify those responsible and take appropriate action.

“There have been no special uplift requests at Burns Court, but anyone requiring this service, or housing repairs, should contact the council on 0300 123 4510.

“Everyone who lives at Burns Court has been lettered to advise them of these services.

“The council takes the issue of discarded syringes extremely seriously and would urge anyone who sees a syringe to contact us immediately on 0300 123 4510.

“These calls are regarded as emergencies and a team of properly trained and equipped staff will deal with the disposal of syringes.”

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