District has the highest voter turnout

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East Dunbartonshire had the highest turnout of voters in Scotland for last Thursday’s Independence Referendum ballot - a staggering 91 per cent.

It’s been revealed that 79,011 voters returned a ballot paper from a total registered electorate in the local authority area of 86,836, which included 2,437 young voters.

In East Dunbartonshire 30,624 votes were cast for Yes and 48,314 for No.

A total of 73 votes were rejected for a number of reasons, including they didn’t bear the official mark on the ballot paper; the person voted in favour of both answers; they included writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified or were unmarked or void for uncertainty. The result in East Dunbartonshire was announced around 4.30am.

East Dunbartonshire’s counting officer Gerry Cornes said: “Everyone working at the count did a great job and I would like to thank them for their hard work in counting the votes so efficiently on the night. I would also like to thank all the staff at the polling places and all those who have helped in any way to make this Referendum process a success.”