District's schools bombarded with placing requests

OVER 800 school placing requests have been received by East Dunbartonshire Council for the 2005/2006 session.

More than half of the requests (441) were from parents of pupils outwith the district.

After considering the applications, 85 per cent were granted and 15 per cent refused.

Secondary schools accounted for 394 requests, while primary school figures amounted to 416.

The most popular secondary school for placing requests was Lenzie Academy, which received 122 and refused just 13.

Of these requests, 67 were from pupils outwith East Dunbartonshire, 58 of which were granted.

The three Bishopbriggs secondary schools - Turnbull High, Thomas Muir and Bishopbriggs High - also continue to prove popular.

Bishopbriggs High received 46 requests, 25 of which were granted, while the other two schools each received 25. Turnbull granted 18 requests and Thomas Muir rubber-stamped 17.

Woodhill Primary in Bishopbriggs was the most popular primary school, receiving 39 requests and granting them all - including 20 from pupils outwith the area

No placing requests were received for any of East Dunbartonshire's two special schools - Campsie View and Merkland.

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council said: "Of the 810 requests received for session 2005/2006, the authority has been in a position to grant 85 per cent.

"However, 15 per cent have been refused mainly due to pressure on accommodation in schools, continuity of education, educational well-being of pupils and the ability to reserve places in schools for children likely to become resident in the school catchment area.

"To date, 26 parents have exercised their right of appeal to the authority's appeal committee. All of these appeals have been refused.

"No formal notification has been received to date to indicate that any parents are proceeding with a further appeal to the Sheriff.

"In considering placing requests for our schools, priority is normally given to pupils resident within East Dunbartonshire where there are more requests than places available.

"The only departure to this is where children resident outwith East Dunbartonshire have a sibling in attendance at the school requested."