Documentary to put the focus on independence

A documentary about Scottish independence is on at Mugdock Country Park cinema on Tuesday, August 12 at 7pm.

‘Scotland Yet’ is a feature length documentary that takes a radically different approach to the debate on Scottish independence.

A spokesperson for the film, Andrew Paliwoda from Milngavie, said: “Blissfully free of sound bites, politicians and statistics, Scotland Yet examines the sum of several personal stories from across the nation to explore the many reasons why we find ourselves at such an historic impasse.

“This film focuses on the real referendum debate, the one taking place in the streets, homes and communities across Scotland.

“This is a coming of age story about a whole society.Scotland Yet is a unique and radical cinematic journey about a country that will never be the same again.”

The screening will be followed by a short Q&A with the film’s producer Christopher Silver.

He said: “The big question of Scottish independence is about our relationship to the rest of the world.

“The prevailing political consensus has long viewed control of domestic policy as suited to Scotland. In truth, we’re being asked to decide what our place in the world is to be, how we relate to our neighbours, whether we wish to join the international community or not.”

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