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READERS have their say on the issues which matter to them – October 17, 2012

Disabled parking

DON’T you just love our council?

In response to queries regarding the loss of three disabled parking bays behind Kirkintilloch Library, Colin Innes, property maintenance manager at the council, said “... there are alternative disabled parking bays at the Regent Centre car park should the hub car park be at capacity.”

Firstly, the hub car park is always at capacity, in my experience, and secondly, does he seriously expect people with disabilities to have to cross two roads and travel that extra distance?

Surely the point of disabled parking bays is to save disabled people from having to travel too far? Or am I just being extremely thick?

I really hope that your readers, and in fact all of the great voting public of East Dunbartonshire, remember all of the ludicrous decisions that this council has made in recent years and then make their choice at the next local election.

Linda Stewart

(via e-mail)

Mum hits out at dog mess

I’M writing to express how appalled I am with the amount of dog mess there is in the Waterside area.

The path outside my house is the main path used by dog walkers taking their dogs for a walk by the stream and it has numerous dog mess on it.

Last week when I was taking my children to school my daughter fell onto dog mess that hadn’t been picked up. Her uniform and hand were covered in it. It was lying next to my gate.

This made my daughter very upset and very late for school.

The path we take to get to my children’s school, which is St Agathas Primary, is also littered with dog mess, despite the fact that there is a dog bin at the bottom of the hill.

While going to the wee shop one day I noticed two more dogs mess on the path outside my house and the bridge leading to the shop covered in mess.

I received a letter last year from Waterside Community Council advising me that they had received complaints about dog mess at my garden and asked me to please pick up after my dog, well l don’t even have a dog.

l only wish they would concentrate on the residents that don’t pick up their dogs’ mess and would like to see a dog warden in the area giving out fines to dog owners that don’t pick up after their dogs.

Waterside is a lovely area and I feel that dog mess is dragging it down.

I hope something will be done about this issue because it only seems to be getting worse.

Details supplied

(via e-mail)

No substitute

I READ with some concern the letter from B Moore (Herald, October 10) in reply to my letter of October 3.

When B Moore “wandered around and had a good look“, were they aware that the book stock has been reduced by approximately 70 shelves?

Were they aware that the staff have been warned not to comment?

Were they aware that this is the Central Lending Library servicing three secondary schools, many primary schools and nurseries?

Not everyone has a kindle and a kindle is not a substitute for a professional library service.

Does the library section of the HUB with its brand new council offices accomodate the needs of regular users, schools, readers from outlying areas, staff? No it does not!

Tom Breslin

(via e-mail)

What’s all the fuss about?

I DO not know what all the fuss is about regarding the works at Waterside Road.

Motorists complain about not being warned sooner about these works.

My question is: What difference would it have made if they had known sooner? None at all.

In the words of Michael Winner: “Calm down, dears.” Sit back and enjoy the scenery of the Waterside Road area.

Robert A. Penney,

Donaldson St,


Amazed by comments

JUST how parochial can Bishopbriggs residents become?

I’ve read with amazement and disbelief some of the comments re the recycling plans.

I find it quite incredulous that people object to separating food stuffs from paper/glass etc - “it’s too difficult/too many bins in my garden” etc. England have been doing this for years!

Are we less able/intelligent in Bishopbriggs?

Had residents properly recycled in the first place we would never have had to revert back to weekly collections.

“Save the Planet” - more like “Save me the bother of it all”.

Olive Christie,

Pollok Drive,


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